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T6 Pro Programmable Thermostat designed to work with any Z-Wave compliant controller or gateway; however, a security enabled Z-Wave Plus Controller is recommended to fully utilize all thermostat features. Works with Heat Pump or Conventional systems and has dual fuel and aux heat lockout with outdoor sensor.


  • Up to 3H/2C Heat Pump systems or up to 2H/2C Conventional systems
  • Z-Wave Plus certified with improvement in range, battery life, and bandwidth
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Selectable ranges stops
  • Keypad lockout
  • DST Enabled
  • Time based 7-day, 5-1-1 or 5-2 day programmable, non-programmable, or occupancy controlled with Z-wave panel/app integration
  • 5 Year Warranty


Dimensions 4-1/16 in. long x 4-1/16 in. wide x 1-3/32 in. deep
Comments Compliant with IC Regulations RSS-GEN
Mounting UWP Mounting System
Electrical Ratings 20 to 30 Vac
Frequency 50 Hz; 60 Hz
Stages Up to 3 Heat/2 Cool Heat Pumps + Dual fuel; Up to 2 Heat/2 Cool Conventional Systems
 Electrical Connections  Honeywell UWP Mounting System
 Operating Humidity Range (% RH)  5 to 90% RH, non-condensing
 Supply Voltage  20 to 30 Vac
 Switch Positions (System)  HEAT-OFF-COOL-AUTO-EM HEAT
Switch Positions (Fan)   AUTO-ON-CIRC
 Operating Temperature Range (F)  37 F to 102 F
 Operating Temperature Range (C)  2.7 C to 39 C
 Shipping and Storage Temperature Range (F)  - 20 F to 120 F
 Shipping and Storage Temperature Range (C)  28.9 C to 48.9 C
 Network Communications  Z-wave
 LEDs  LED Back Light
 Power Method  Battery or Hardwired
 Accuracy (C)  0.5 C
 Differential Temperature (F)  ± 1 F
 Differential Temperature (C)  ± 0.5 C
 Color  White
 Ambient Temperature Range (F)  32 F to 120 F
 Ambient Temperature Range (C)  0 C to 50 C
 Switch Type  Relay
 Programmability  7 day, 5-1-1 day, 5-2 day, 1 week, Occupancy through Z-wave app, or Non-programmable
 Terminal Designations  RC, R, C, W, W2 - AUX, Y, Y2, O/B, G, K, E, L/A, S, S
 Display  Touchscreen
 Display Size  6.89 sq. in.
 Temperature Control Mode Selections  Ambient Air Temperature
 Changeover Heat only
 Setting Temperature Range (F)  Heat: 40 F to 90 F
 Setting Temperature Range (C)  Heat: 4.5 C to 32.0 C
 Cool Current  0.02 A to 1.0 A running
 Heat Current  0.02-1.0 A
 Fan Current  0.02-.05 A
 External Sensors Available  Optional: Outdoor -- C7089U1006, Remote Indoor — C7189U1005
 Occupancy Sensor  Through Z-wave panel and App