ZKTeco FR1200-ID Waterproof Outdoor Slave Fingerprint Reader

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FR1500-ID is a stylish single-gang flush-mounted slave fingerprint reader for inBio and inBio Pro panels, only.

    • Sleek Stylish Form Factor

Flush-mounted stainless steel enclosure with slim and attractive design is ideal for both indoor & outdoor installations where aesthetics are very important.

    • Communication

FR1500-ID connects only via RS485 to InBio & InBioPro panels. FR1500-ID does not support Wiegand.

    • Easy Operation

Once a user places their finger on the FR1500-ID their fingerprint is subsequently matched by the InBio (or InBioPro) panel. FR1500-ID also provides Visual indication for acceptance/rejection of the fingeprint (and/or prox card) of the users.

    • Waterproof Enclosuer

FR1200-ID is an IP65 rated wateroof reader that can be used for many outdoor applications. The cables and connectors are epoxy sealed at the back of the reader.